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ad notam

Smart Mirror Technology

ad notam is a globally operating company specializing in engineering and manufacturing smart mirrors and glass. By definition, a smart glass/mirror is an integration of both electronics, such as screens, monitors, lighting or other features on glass/ mirror surfaces.

ad notam acknowledges the equal importance of both elements, and continues to develop new and exciting
breakthroughs on both fronts. It is ad notam’s philosophy that any product is only as good as its elements.

By specializing in this technology, we have gained a deep knowledge about both electronics and glass/mirror technology. That's why ad notam is able to provide its demanding clientele with the most cutting-edge technology they deserve.

ad notam’s research and development team has flawlessly adapted and calibrated the MIRROR IMAGE screen systems for installation behind glass or mirror.

MIRROR IMAGE is the screen system from ad notam that drives images through glass or mirror to deliver magnificent picture quality. Whether placed behind a colored glass, a crystal mirror or a MAGIC MIRROR, MIRROR IMAGE, it transforms an ordinary glass or mirror to a smart product “powered by ad notam”.

From the gapless screen architecture system; from the low-voltage power supply that allows even the world’s
largest smart mirror with an super high resolution 84.0” screen diagonal to operate in damp environments, to the slick “disappearance act” of the MAGIC MIRROR; these are just some of the advantages ad notam offers its clientele.

As the inventor of the Mirror TV with over fifteen years’ experience in this competitive industry, ad notam remains the leading expert in this technology.

To meet the growing demand in Asia Pacific region, ad notam Asia as 100% subsidiary was formed in 2011 with local glass producing facility, warehouse and distributing centre.

With their own production facility and distribution centre, ad notam Asia cuts down delivery time by up to 60% and enables regional clients to enjoy faster delivery and lower freight costs via pick up from Singapore and Hong Kong. This is extremely crucial in fast paced Asia Pacific. Having a small but self sufficient team also allows ad notam Asia to provide personalized service which fosters deeper business ties with clients and at the same time maintain flexibility and adaptability in this dynamic region.

On top of that, ad notam Asia also has its local own in house engineering team to assist in technical issues and a care center in case of a repair or change of parts. This has proven to be extremely useful to regional customers who face challenges re-exporting goods to Europe for repairs.

Establishing our local presence in Asia Pacific has allowed us to expand our market and continue to be the best solution provider in the smart mirror industry and an efficient responsive partner for interior designers and developers.